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Art Lessons

When conceptualizing and portraying, art presents media that allow conveyance of powerful ideas, thoughts, and aesthetic. Art can motivate one to stay a steady course of action, remind one of truths in life, or just serve as a reminder of the beauty (or ugly) in the world. Its value can be measure in so many ways, even in the bank account. But what happens when local artists refuse to produce your request, or at only a too high of price point? Or what about when you have a clear picture in your mind, and you’re not sure another person can get it just right?

It may be best to hone your own skills, with some art lessons. There is one set of lessons, pencil drawing made easy, that may be up of interest to you.

If you do choose to purchase this specific set of lessons, please let me know how you like them.


Bespoke IT Solutions

Digital tools are now critical if a company would like to grow and scale. Bespoke information technology solutions can give you an edge in competing with other market players. If you agree and would like to get started on bringing your projects to life, fill out our service procurement inquiry form.


Interview Preparation Materials

For most of us, employment is part of our identity and determines our financial wellbeing. Switching careers, for whatever the reason, can be a very liberating experience. But for most of those making the change, the interview process stands between you and success. How can one increase their odds at landing that new position?

These interview preparation materials will give you a one up on the interview and ensure your thinking is in line with what interviewers are looking for in candidates. Don’t be left wondering what you could have done better. Make sure you are what your new employer is searching for.

All the best.


Learn to Grow Grapes and Make Wine

Some of my happiest memories involve a quick swirl, sniff, and swish, a brief critique, and then discussion about anything and everything. And the music. A growing appreciation of the great atmosphere. Everything. No wonder wine has such a great culture in society.

For those that wish to up the ante, learn all about growing grapes and making wine, whether the information is applied or just for growing your knowledge about the art. I doubt you can go wrong here.

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